Open door to chill out

It’s always a treat to find out what’s going on behind the doors of a new Falkirk town centre cafe.

Visiting Seventy6 in Manor Street was particularly interesting for me because of its location.

It sits just a few doors down from The Falkirk Herald’s busy office in town – a den of activity, looming deadlines, frantic typing, and sometimes quite a lot of stress.

So I did hope that a Thursday afternoon trip to the new coffee shop would be a relaxed experience, and somewhere just to enjoy a bite, a chat and a hot drink.

Seventy6 only opened in mid May, and since then it has enjoyed a good mix of customers with different tastes.

This could be due to its menu – breakfasts, quick snacks, children’s meals and main courses.

The menu also includes a surprising range of drinks, from tea and fizzy juice, to specialist coffees, real ice cream milkshakes and Marrakesh mint loose tea.

But the interior of this place is also very welcoming.

It’s been refurbished and now gives off a very modern vibe, complete with a spacious layout, comfy sofas and cheery bar.

During our visit to Seventy6, we found it to be chilled out and relaxed.

Our lunches were a perfect size, and the food was hearty, homely and delicious.

I broke with traditional and ordered the nachos, featuring Mexican chicken.

Presented on an oval plate, the freshly-made flour nachos came topped with chilli cheese, jalapenos, sour cream and homemade salsa.

The chicken pieces were larger than I expected, and the jalapenos and chilli cheese gave it a happy hint of the spicy kick.

Kirsty’s veggie burger also looked great.

She loved the size of the portion, the “delicious” burger and the accompanying salad.

Something else you really notice about Seventy6 is the range of customers.

There were older women enjoying tea, young families, businesspeople and a mum with a young baby.

Chatting with our friendly waitress, we learned that the all-day breakfast options have been really popular with customers, keeping the place busy from early doors to mid afternoon.

This is very much how Graeme McNie – who runs the coffee house – likes it.

“Then menu offers a wide variety of different tastes to suit everyone,” he said.

“You hope to accommodate everyone with your menu, so we have gluten free, light bites and homely meals.

“My hopes for the cafe is that it can get a good reputation, have regulars but also see new people all the time through offering a relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere.

“We’re looking forward to meeting all different kinds of people from the Falkirk area and welcoming them into your place.”

Seventy6 may just be doors from my work, but sitting in the sun in the cafe’s outdoor area reading a newspaper is much more my scene.