Onwards and upwards for 3rd Falkirk

As part of the fundraising to support the variety of activities they can offer, Russell Croal, the officer in charge of the company section of 3rd Falkirk (People’s Church) passes on the details of one of their annual, if less ordinary, means of such activities.

Sunday, 20th October 2019, 1:00 pm

On September 21, 21 boys and staff successfully clmbed Ben Vorlich to realise the promised sponsored monies for company funds. Not to be outdone by their older members, the following day, 18 boys and three staff along with eight parents and family also successfully took on a similar sponsored challenge by climbing Ben Cleuch. What great efforts and thanks are offered by the company to all who sponsored them and the boys who actually seemed to enjoy the challenges, offering increased fellowship and enjoyment in the great Scottish outdoors.

On Thursday, September 26, 8th Falkirk hosted the battalion council meeting at Bainsford Church. This is one of the occasions which is open to all officers from all sections to hear of the administrative affairs of the battalion, hear of plans and matters affecting the overall smooth running of all companies in the district.

Perhaps it’s a matter of trust and a sign of confidence that all matters are running reasonably well, that some officers do not take this opportunity to air their views as to what would always be welcome as widening ideas for improvement.

However, those present did hear positive news from the treasurer who was able to report healthy figures which will enable another very busy session of activities, competitions and events to be financed. Serious discussion also took place on the mandatory requirements for every company to ensure adequate measures are in hand for officers and helpers to be in receipt, and registration, on ‘‘Safeguarding’’ training to allow ongoing work with the young people with whom they are engaged.