Only two days off this year but I’m not complaining!

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Traditionally, this time of year is usually all about winding down, taking a step back from the 12 months of hard work you’ve grafted over and finally taking a rest.

Spending time with friends and family in December has always been an important element of the month for me and I’ve usually always been lucky enough to be able to do so.

Last year I worked my first Christmas Day shift and, although it was tough, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. This year, though, things seem set to be getting a little bit tougher.

Granted, I am a bit of a busy bee – this Christmas will be no exception.

Among a couple of 21st birthdays and a few Christmas parties, the usual journo uni night out will no doubt be a highlight of this December once again.

Luckily, my bosses have been brilliant and given me time off when I’ve need it.

That being said, whenever I can work, I will and instead of devoting my time solely to the Canalside this festive season, I’ll be back on the waves at Central FM too.

Combine that with two huge coursework deadlines and a couple of mock exams, I have a grand total of two days off during December!

Not that I’m complaining though. Anyone that knows me well understands that, actually, I love being busy.

I love being able to go and make my own money and do my own thing, even if it does mean having a packed schedule.

Of course, working Christmas Day and Hogmanay is a bit of a bummer, especially when I’ve been so used to spending them with my family but it’s just part of life.

Sometimes you need to make sacrifices, even if it means missing a night out here or a couple of hours on the 25th there. It doesn’t make me any less excited!