One-man battle with the snow

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

I’ve always thought that, by the time March arrives, the worst of the snow is over.

So you can imagine my feelings on Tuesday morning when I found a thick blanket of the stuff covering my street and the heavy skies looking ready to drop another few inches worth before I left for work.

Regular checks showed that cars were seemingly negotiating the hill at the bottom of the road safely so I was encouraged that I wouldn’t meet with any mishaps on my way to the office.

However, when I did venture out the front door I found a car blocking the road and struggling to get a grip on the by now compacted snow.

I got to work with my snow shovel to see them on their way and then jumped back into my own car ... only to find another stranded vehicle halfway up the hill.

A quick shove and we were both on the go again but by now I was running very late.

I phoned ahead to warn colleagues and expected to be hailed as something of a conquering hero ... only to turn up at an office car park completely bereft of snow!