On the Book Shelf: Young readers area firm favourite

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The only thing we at Waterstones love more than our Scottish section is our kids’ section: we’re crazy about our picture books and bananas about our kids events. So this month we’re combining the two, because we’ve found some fabulous new Scottish books that both the kids and adults will enjoy.

Peter Rabbit, who always seems to be getting into some sort of mischief, once again finds himself in places that he shouldn’t be. Miles from home and lost on the Scottish hillsides, Peter is about to find the excitement that he’s been looking for.

In ‘The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit’ Emma Thompson has beautifully recreated the storytelling of Beatrix Potter, giving a new chapter and a breath of fresh air to the timeless tale and its wonderful characters. There are gorgeous illustrations on every page, and brand new characters to meet, as well as old ones we all loved as children.

Along with Peter, one of our other favourite books this month is another well-known character, except with a wee bit of a difference. You might think that ‘The Gruffalo’ can’t get any better. However, the brilliant James Robertson has added a fantastic twist to the classic story by re-writing it in Scots.

Read a’ aboot how the moose took a dauner through the deep, mirk widd, an meets a hoolet, a tod, an a Gruffalo wha’s lookin for his next supper.

‘The Gruffalo in Scots’ is a fun read that will be a hoot with the kids and proves to be even more entertaining to read aloud than the original (as the staff have already tried and tested).

What is a haggis? Adults will say something silly, like “a sheep’s stomach”, but Sally Magnusson knows the truth: a haggis is a creature that lives in Scotland, and is hunted by humans because it is particularly tasty when boiled.

In ‘Horace and the Haggis Hunter’ Horace is running from place to place to avoid hunters, and unknowingly finds himself in danger of being captured by Farmer McPhee. But maybe a vegetarian fox, some Twitter loving magpies and an army of moles can keep him safe long enough for him to find a home.

With a Scottish Gruffalo, a mischievous rabbit and a lovable haggis, wee ones will be spoilt for choice.