Old Boys’ network pays off for Ian

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In June, I reported on the passing of BB stalwart Iris Slater, wife of former Battalion President Ian.

Recently his son Jim arranged for Ian to join him for a weekend, taking in the Rugby League final at Wembley. With some time to kill, they took in some London sights including HMS Belfast moored in the Thames.

Manoeuvring to have a photograph taken alongside an anchor, Ian tripped and unfortunately broke his thigh. He was immediately admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital where he began treatment.

As Jim had to return to work in Stirling, Ian was without visitors between Jim’s weekend visits. Fortunately, through some networking between the Falkirk and London Stedfast Associations, a visitor was able to see Ian in his enforced ‘exile’. Good news is that Ian’s recovery has been good with a return home arranged with due care in place. Best wishes Ian!

I’ve just received my new Battalion Booklet giving details of contacts and meeting times of all 19 local companies.
Something now missing are the times of BB Bible Classes, which in line with our Object are a central feature of every company.

I wonder how much the BB has bowed to social pressures in diluting such teaching of our faith? Once Bible Classes were specific and separate from Parade Nights. How many of you remember not being eligible for the football team if you were absent on a Sunday? Not perhaps an ideal way of instilling the Christian Faith so clearly laid out for boys through the material produced, for example, by the Rev William Barclay, but habit and character forming, which stood the test of time for generations of young men. Might just be that boys now miss a lot by our succumbing to social pressures instead of, like our founder, being in the forefront of Christian teaching.