Old and fat? Battle with the bulge starts now!

Stuart Barber.
Stuart Barber.

When you reach a ‘certain’ time in life – and I think I have arrived – I have found you tend to look at things a bit differently.

Without being too dramatic about it, I find myself coming to terms with the fact the ‘best’ years of my life are almost certainly behind me and my energies must focus on making the very best of what there is left.

Positive thinking has got me thinking that if the so-called twilight years are to be embraced I had better get myself in shape to embrace them.

This game plan was brought sharply into focus the other night when I happened to catch a view of myself as I passed a mirrored wardrobe upstairs.

They say the camera never lies – well neither do mirrors!

It seems the ‘tummy bump’ I have been carrying for quite a number of years now has, probably overnight I’m sure, developed into quite a serious paunch - or ‘beer gut’ as Mrs B, very supportively I thought, announced when I brought it to her attention.

I have to say the sobering fact that I apparently am no longer burning off the calories as efficiently as I used to gave me immediate food for thought.

Growing old is one thing – but growing old and fat is, in my view, something completely different and cannot be allowed to happen.

Now I’m not about to rush off and sign up for a fitness club or anything daft (and expensive) like that, but at the back of the garage lies the racing bike I used years ago when I was training for a half-marathon. Repairs start this weekend and by the time the better weather arrives it will be ready to help me on my quest to lose the excess baggage.