Now I’m just hoping for the right answer

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The prospect of going to university is beginning to seem real now. The personal statement is written, the choices have been made and now the applications have been sent.

My plea: ‘Please give me a place’.

I’ve done something a bit out of the blue, considering I want to be a journalist by only applying for two journalism courses.

The other three are English literature.

However, as I’m sure you are aware, considering I’ve mentioned it many times, only two universities in Scotland offer industry-accredited courses - Glasgow Caledonian and Robert Gordon in Aberdeen.

So a back up had to be found.

I haven’t really done myself any favours though, as I’ve applied to universities that are, quite frankly, very hard to get in to - Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Stirling.

So far, Glasgow and Edinburgh have been the only ones to actually acknowledge my applications. And as a result, I’ve been on constant email watch, jumping out of my skin when my iPod beeps with the sound of, ‘one new message’.

However, I do think I’m being slightly optimistic because I did only send my applications away on Tuesday, and so for these two to get back to me so quickly, I’ve been quite fortunate.

I think I’m so anxious to get acknowledgements and offers in so quickly because quite a few of my friends, who sent their stuff away about a week ago, already have two or three ‘unconditionals’ under their belts. My friend Holly’s first offer was an unconditional for the course she wants to do at Glasgow, which has given me a bit of hope that they will get back to me sooner rather than later. I do know though that it will be a waiting game for some places- Stirling don’t tend to send offers until mid-January, so ‘English and Professional Education’ will have to be on hold until then.

It’s strange thinking this time next year I’ll be at uni, sitting my first set of exams in Journalism or English.

Mind you, having said that, I actually have to be given places for the actual universities. So come on folks: Please give me a place!