Nothing more than skin and bone is completely unhealthy

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About a month or so ago, I finally told you all about my “big secret”. To recap – for about the past year and a half I’ve been signed to an agency in Glasgow as a working model.

I was scouted last November by an evening gown shop in Grangemouth, picked up by a couple of photographers and then signed by Superior Model Management in summer.

Modelling doesn’t only give me a break from my usually hectic schedule, but it also provides as a stepping stone for my dream career (I want to be an arts and entertainment correspondent so the links are uncanny).

Although modelling does provide me with hundreds of positives that benefit me as a person, there is a darker side to the industry that I am sure we are all aware of. Body image plays a key role in the profession and it’s difficult to not find yourself copyright your body to those of other models. I understand now how difficult it is to distinguish between what’s a ‘healthy’ body weight and what’s not.

Of course, I am in total support of models promoting healthy lifestyles – exercise and a balanced diet are among the few things to reassure an excellent physique. What I don’t want to see are girls promoting unhealthy body types and claiming them to be “ideal”. Two models appeared on my Newsfeed the other day, bearing visible bones and saying that was how every model should aspire to look.

No, girls, no. This is absolutely not on. To believe that it is, is appalling.

I’d like to reassure you all that this is not the view of the majority of models. The girls with Superior are nothing less than healthy weight and we’re lucky to be part of an agency which promotes that.

It’s wrong to promote something that could potentially damage the overall health of someone’s body. I may not have the slimmest torso in the world, but it’s obvious that nothing more than skin and bone is completely unhealthy.