Not so sure I’d take a trip on the unsinkable ship...

Morven Quin
Morven Quin

An exact replica of the Titanic is due to set sail in 2018 from China to Dubai with over 2000 passengers.

Having spent quite a lot of time working on cruise ships a few years back, the idea is quite conflicting.

As much as I do love the 11–time Oscar winning film, the fact that this new replica is going to celebrate the doomed voyage, in which over 1500 people lost their lives, doesn’t sit very easily with me.

The replica is funded by Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and although the ship’s first, second and third class cabins will be exact copies of the original, it will be updated with modern technology.

Some relatives of those who died in the 1912 tragedy have criticised the project as they feel it is insensitive and I have to say, I do kind of agree with them.

Sea faring is no easy feat and should not be taken lightly. It was only a few days ago that one of Royal Caribbean’s fleet was caught up in a hurricane off the coast of America and many passengers posted videos and photos to social media documenting the terror they felt during the storm.

Although I was lucky never to experience anything half as bad as that storm, I did experience an engine room explosion which made my life flash before my eyes. It wasn’t too serious though, and the highly–trained safety team managed to resolve the situation before we had to start evacuating the ship.

Having watched Titanic post-cruise ship days, the whole thing is slightly traumatic for me, so I can’t imagine what actually setting foot on the replica ship would do.

As much as I would love to come across my very own Jack Dawson, I think I’ll stick to watching the movie.

Some things should be left in peace and I feel Titanic is one of them.