Not my favourite DIY task ...

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

I’ve had my fill of bathrooms this year. During my time as a homeowner, I’ve picked up a few DIY skills but it’s fair to say plumbing isn’t one of them.

Yes, I learned a bit – more specifically not to use a pencil to plug a pipe and turned the heating off before attempting to remove a radiator – but any attempt to take up employment in this area would undoubtedly earn me a spot on ‘Cowboy Builders’.

So when I spotted a trickle of water running down one of the walls in my house I knew I was in for trouble.

Yes, I should have called in a plumber but that is the sensible option.

Instead I opted to spend a whole day firstly identifying the source of the leak – it turned out to be from the uptairs toilet (thankfully a pipe leading in rather than out – and then attempting to fix it.

In typical DIY style, it meant not just sealing the pipe but also removing and reinstaling both the toilet and the cistern.

However, I can now say that the leak is no more - as long 
as you don’t 
try actually using the toilet ...