Not many music stars left after Ziggy passes

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Earlier this month David Bowie bowed gracefully out of this world leaving behind a legacy of music, film and fashion.

Each area of his work iconic in its own right.

In the weeks that followed there was an outpouring of emotion for the man and rightly so.

He was a true legend in every sense of the word and a man who most definitely left his mark in the industry whether you were a fan or not.

His music was so far ahead of its time and the man recreated his image on numerous occasions.

In the charts a number of his albums shot into the top 100 and five of his songs into the top 40.

Even in death, David Bowie reached a new generation of fans.

Which saddened me as I feel he was one of an ever shortening list of artists whose music will live on after their death.

Great music from artist like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, to name a few, will out-live the artists,

Just look at the fuss over Beatles albums 50 years on for evidence and younger fans wishing to have been born in that era.

I believe that had David Bowie not died, his albums would have been celebrated in the same way, an example of the man’s musical genius.

I worry in the years to come who will take up the mantle of music legend.

Will future generations mourn the loss of the likes of Justin Bieber and Harry Styles and co in the same way?

I hope people do not wish to be born in this era of music, claiming Bieber changed the music industry or One Direction were their inspiration.

Current acts I feel will fail to have the same impact as people like David Bowie and soon there will be no legends left to remember.