Nosing about on Facebook can get me into trouble ...

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A few months ago I dipped my toe in the world of online social networking.

After much badgering from the kids, and my daughter Emma claiming it would be a great way to re-connect with friends I’d long since lost, I joined Facebook.

At first, my only friends were my kids and some of their friends but slowly I’ve built up a good list of friends from work, college and my school days.

Then I went a bit click happy and was adding the kids of friends, people I’d met once at a party and the woman that works in my local shop.

Before I knew it my newsfeed was filled with people I barely knew but I couldn’t stop myself. The nosiness just got the better of me and I was enthralled with the goings on of online friends. I had to know who was going out with who, which friends had fallen out and see the latest pictures of Karen-that-I-think-I went-to-school-with’s granddaughter.

I soon learned there are three types of people on Facebook, the show-offs, the attention seekers and the nosey parkers.

The show offs detail every minute detail of their lives – sharing pictures of what they are having for dinner, uploading almost daily self portraits taken with their mobile phone and constantly updating their status’ with things like ‘So happy right now!’ or ‘Off to Loch Lomond for an over night stay courtesy of the husband’s credit card!’. The main objective of a show off is to make other Facebook users jealous of their fabulous life.

The attention seekers are a sneakier breed. They put up status updates like ‘Life is so rubbish just now, don’t know what to do’ or ‘Wow, had some unexpected news’. Their aim is to get lots of people to shower them with attention asking what is wrong – which undoubtedly will end up being their hair colour didn’t turn out as expected.

And then there is the category I fall into – the nosey parkers. We don’t update our status’ very much, and our pages are seriously lacking in the photo department but don’t be fooled – we are on Facebook just as much as the rest of you.

The noseys just use it for finding out about others and getting information to be used at gossip sessions.

I’ve even found out bits and pieces about my own children on Facebook.

Emma was discussing possible baby names online and said her current favourite was a name I think is entirely unsuitable for a baby from Scotland with her surname so I was straight on the phone.

I told her the name wasn’t appropriate and she had to choose another to which she replied she knew I wouldn’t approve which was why she hadn’t told me – and then promptly blocked me from accessing her page!

So from now on, I’ll be continuing my nosey parker role but be sure to keep my opinions to myself.

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