No questions asked for dad’s birthday

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This week there was a big celebration in the Campbell household as my dad got even older and turned 60.

For months my mother has been panicking, over-thinking and down right stressing me out about gift ideas, presents and constantly asking me, ‘is it all enough’.

Well this week her worries were finally put to rest as the look on my dad’s face as he opened all of his presents was priceless.

It really could have gone either way though as he does not hide his disappointment well and usually we can tell within seconds if he is hoping the gift comes with a receipt.

However, this was not the case and for all of her panicking my dad really seemed to love his gifts.

He is now getting to tick off the first thing on his bucket list with a round of golf at Carnoustie with my brother, I will sadly be sidelined due to an injury.

That was his ‘big’ present, however I feel the less expensive gifts were much more valuable to him sentimentally.

We ordered him a poster filled with the words of his favourite Beatles song, In My Life, and also a poster with words that describe him and all his sayings outlining the shape of his new age. 
Throw in some other items including a blow-up zimmer frame, grumpy old mints and an OAP message board, I believe my dad thouroughly enjoyed his day.

It was not until that night we realised not one of us had asked him what he wanted which I thought made his birthday presents an ever greater surprise.

The only thing I can imagine going through his head now is how he is going to equal this feat of personalised gifts without help when my mum turns 60 in the next x amount of years. Good luck.