No matter the time of day, I need music to appreciate it

I remember one the first articles I wrote when I began this column was all about music.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 3rd October 2017, 3:00 pm

I thought it was important to let you all know what type of music I listened to, to help me try to convey to you what type of person I am.

I extensively listed about 20 bands and artists, all of completely different genres.

My taste in music hasn’t drastically changed since I was 14 but the way music makes me feel has changed quite a bit and I felt it was important to address that.

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a music connoisseur so I was adamant I had that industry figured out from a young age.

Rock music made me want to smash things; pop music made me want to boogie; classical music put me to sleep.

Although for the most part I find myself channelling my inner 14 year-old when I’m listening to these tunes and falling naturally into each predetermined mental state, it’s only recently I’ve found my emotions have been multiplied by 100 whenever I pop the headphones on.

I have a few theories for this, the main one being that I’ve been literally relying on music for the past two months to keep my brain sane during my early morning starts.

If I don’t listen to some sort of upbeat tune in the morning, I’ll either fall back asleep or just not wake up.

Because I’m relying so heavily on music to actually function at 4.30am, I think my brain is subconsciously appreciating songs a whole lot more, regardless of genre.

Classical music? Great. Dance music? Even better. Heavy metal? Perhaps not my first choice, but why not?

Music should be really appreciated by everyone, regardless of genre. And recently, I’ve somehow managed to appreciate it a whole lot more.