No ifs ands or cuts

Gavin Campbell
Gavin Campbell

Queuing is something that we all have to do in our life. Be it waiting in a line at the shops, waiting on the phone to talk to some big company or more specifically waiting in a traffic jam.

It is annoying sitting there at less than a snail’s pace, watching people in the other lanes drive on by, care-free probably laughing at you sitting there stuck.

Having moved to Glasgow recently I have to travel roughly 50 minutes to work everyday. This means driving during morning rush hour, that does not bother me one bit. In fact I kind of like my morning routine of different radio shows, songs and quizzes.

However on occasions someone has a break down on the motorway, causing havoc for everyone behind them.

This happened this week and traffic was filtered from three lanes into one, so of course there was a massive tail back.

While driving on the motorway there are signs above our heads every so often that can tell you extra information. This time it was two big red crosses above the outside lanes, meaning these two lanes are closed.

So as soon as possible I move over into the slow moving lane and join the queue.

After about 30 minutes of crawling along the motorway I am finally close to passing the breakdown, however in my mirror I see some clown driving up the middle lane, indicating to join the sole open lane. The driver decides that I will be the one to let him in.

No chance,

I have sat and waited, He has no right to jump the queue. So I edge forward meaning there is no gap for him to squeeze into and slowly drive past him, he is someone else’s problem now.

Queuing is something we all have to do, so no cuts.