No holiday for me this time ...

Sophie Wallace
Sophie Wallace

It’s usually around about this time of year where people ask me, “How’s your Easter holidays been, Soph?” and the normal response is usually something 
like, “Absolutely fantastic thanks!”

But this year....

“Holidays? What holidays?”

I think I’ve had my nose over the door a grand 
total of six times over 
the course of the past two weeks.

There are no such thing
as holidays when there are 
five Highers on the go.

And, even though I know that next year is going to be just as bad, if not worse, with two advanceds and two crashing, I still find myself complaining about the amount of study I’ve, admittedly, put myself through over the past Easter break.

Of course, it does not help that, for the first half of the holidays, I had no choice but to study, due to the wonderfully bad weather we received. But it’s really depressed me that, over the past week, the sun’s been shining, and even though 
I’ve been studying outside I’m still studying none the less.

Yes I’ve been out with my friends.

At night.

When it’s cold.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy studying – loyal readers know I do, considering the column I wrote a few weeks ago.

But it’s the studying 
ON TOP of the homework that’s the killer.

I’d much rather do personal study, off my own back, than study stuff that’s set by other people.

Nevertheless, it does better my brain, and if it does mean I get smarter and develop some sort of sense of drama or French, then I guess it’s worth it.

What does make me slightly happier, however, is knowing that in only one month’s time, exams will be over and I’ll have my two-week break before I go back to school, thanks to the way my exam timetable has worked out.

Although, knowing my luck, it’ll chuck it down rain for the whole fortnight and I’ll be stuck indoors.