No accounting for poor taste

The votes have been counted and verified, and I can now announce that the winner of the worst album ever written is ... Mr Blobby.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 18th September 2016, 4:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th October 2016, 1:46 pm

No great surprise, is it? In fact, I probably would have voted for it myself. But what I am bewildered at is the inclusion of three cracking albums on the list of the top 50 worst albums.

Exhibit A: Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. Released in 1975, the album contains new songs which are nothing more than feedback and weird guitar sounds.

Now, I know what you are thinking, but can I just remind you that Paul McCartney recorded a song WITH FROGS! And that didn’t even make the list!

Moving on, Bob Dylan’s second Christian Trilogy album, Saved, made the list coming in at no 42. Jesus wept – no pun intended. There is no way you can lump his Bobness with the likes of Aqua, Rick Astley or Britney Spears who also make an appearance.

And that leads me to exhibit C, Aerosmith’s Pump. The album was dubbed “the best heavy rock album of the year” when it was released in 1989. So why is it here?

I should be thankful that my beloved Rolling Stones didn’t make the cut.

But should there be a recount, I recommend Morrissey, The Beatles and Olly Murs, to name but a few ...