Newly appointed training officer

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Congratulations Brian Allan, captain of the 2nd Larbert Company, on his appointment as a Brigade training officer following completion of all the necessary parts for such qualification.

The battalion is fortunate, along with other such qualified officers, to have such experience on which to call in aspects of training the next generation. On January 21, the committees of both Junior and Company Sections met in Brightons Church hall. The usual business of reports on events indicated that, although the year had barely started, competitions were again up and running. These included The Alan Douglas Trophy, the Junior Section five-a-sides, the JS spiritual competition, Company Section badminton, volleyball, table tennis and vaulting. News too of the Anchor Boys fun day, drill and Christian faith events, the swimming gala, TurnaBBouT, national cross country, First Aid and a centenary games night for AB, which all will occupy boys in the months ahead. I look forward to reporting on these successes in the near future. Success too for many currently working for their Queen’s Badges with completion courses soon and places at a premium; at least if travelling to other locations is to be minimised. A few years ago, to fall in line with equality legislation and the needs of some churches where youth leadership was at a premium, the Brigade drew up rules for the formation of Girls’ Associations within the BB. It now appears that one such association, still in its infancy, is being established under the auspices of 7th Falkirk (Baptist Church). More of the progress of this unit no doubt later. Successful beginnings of regular visitation of companies to offer support and help where possible was reported by president Ernie Firth and CS chairman Brian Allan and it is hoped this somewhat neglected aspect will become regular and routine.