New stadium is a step too far

Colin Hume
Colin Hume

There’s no doubt that the success of the recent World Cup has thrust women’s football into the spotlight – and rightly so.

The standard was excellent and the competition fierce, so much so that I caught myself sitting up into the wee small hours on more than one occasion to catch the action.

Of course, those who read the sports pages of the Falkirk Herald will be well aware that the sport is thriving locally as well.

Things are certainly on the up ... but is there really any need for Glasgow City – Scotland’s most successful club – to consider building their own stadium, as was announced this week?

I know the plan is for it to become a community facility but I still question if it is really necessary.

Scotland already has an abundance of football grounds – too many if we are honest – some of which are barely used once a fortnight.

Before anyone goes shelling out on a new facility, shouldn’t we be exploring if the ones we have could be better utilised, even if it 
means shelling out some cash to improve the facilities?