New secretary in post for battalion

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The executive has announced the position of Brigade secretary which has been covered by Bill Stevenson, acting in that capacity over several months, has now been appointed to that post.

Bill, the current BB director for Scotland, working out of the Scottish Headquarters at Carronvale House will also continue in that capacity until the end of 2016. We wish him well in this new venture, to carry the organisation onwards in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.

Bill frequently contributes with articles in the national press highlighting the current involvement of outside agencies in supporting BB initiatives. One such, recently, pictures Sir Alex Ferguson with a group of BB members highlighting the current ‘One for All’ recruitment campaign and recalling his membership in Glasgow as a boy, where he began his football career. The campaign also advises online how best to welcome new members into the BB to ensure a real welcome and inclusion.

Have you checked BB badge prices on eBay recently? Here are a couple which might interest you. The five-pointed star issued from 1890 to 1909 £269. Perth & District buttonhole badge of 1993 £42.22. The 125th anniversary tattoo badge of 2008 £21.99. The latter two sold initially for £3 and £5. Sounds like better than money in the bank these days. Perhaps a rummage in that drawer might yield dividends!

I mentioned recently a former member of 1st Camelon (then St John’s Church) sending his on to the Sir William Smith Memorial Museum in Thurso.

Further news of that museum is their imminent receipt of a 670 badge collection from the memorabilia of John Russell from Poole. These are being cleaned by the Ayr Battalion which is a great supporter of the museum. As a battalion, they have just celebrated the 130th anniversary of its foundation in October 1886.