Never met but never forgotten

Jill Buchanan
Jill Buchanan

Some weeks are tougher than others. The last seven days has been one of those times when you wonder what is going to happen next.

Tragedy seems to be around every corner, but the strangest thing is that I had never met any of those involved, but still felt affected by their passing.

First thing every Thursday The Falkirk Herald editorial staff hold the regular meeting to discuss how we are going to fill the following week’s edition.

It allows everyone to have their say on stories they are already working on and perhaps seek guidance on how they can develop ideas for articles or features. And it wouldn’t be the first time that someone has a potential story shot down in flames, but more likely they are given suggestions on how to take their proposal forward.

These meetings are necessary, hopefully useful and can often be lighthearted.

Last week, looking around the room, it made me realise that 24 hours earlier in Paris a similar meeting took place at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. These were journalists and cartoonists preparing for a forthcoming edition, no doubt bouncing ideas off each other when the two gunmen burst in and claimed so many lives.

Why? Because they didn’t like a cartoon that had been printed about the Prophet Muhammad.

Then on Monday came the news that Farah Javed, the young woman seriously injured in a terrorist bombing in Pakistan over a year ago, had died.

I’d followed her story since 2013 and hoped that soon we would be able to report on good news, but sadly not.

Farah and the Charlie Hebdo staff, people I’d never met but people you know that you’re not going to forget.