Netflix has turned into a constant companion

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I never knew what all the hype was about. When I first heard people were using it, it never really bothered me. I didn’t have much of an inclination to buy it or do anything with it. It’s all Ben’s fault, he was the person who introduced me to it, the person who brought it into my life, and now I’m addicted, I am properly hooked and there is nothing that can cure me.

Well, apart from banning me from all electrical items that have any sort of access to the internet, but I think that we all know that is never going to happen. Ever.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am addicted to Netflix.

For those who have been living under a rock for the past year, Netflix is an online television subscription service that has thousands of shows, films and original dramas readily available all from the click of a button. So far, to my knowledge, I’ve ploughed my way through one-and-a-half original series, two full TV box sets, and around five or six films, all within a month.

Something funny happens to me when I realise that a whole, brand new box set of a show has been added to my ‘Top Picks’. All of a sudden, all I want to do is sit in my pyjamas with my laptop and watch just one more episode. This is one more episode, by the way, which usually turns into a whole series by the end of a few days. First it was ‘Orange is the New Black’, now it’s ‘House of Cards’. I can’t get enough.

A few weeks ago, we discovered that, we can access Netflix for free, and since knowing about this, Dad promised to do the upgrade. And here I am, still sat, two weeks later, with my laptop on my knee, counting down the days until the new season of OITNB is released. Hurry up, Dad! I want to share my ridiculous obsession with the rest of my family, please.