National competition dates come around

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It’s the time of year when officers have difficulty trying to balance local and national competition dates to best accommodate the busy schedules of not only boys and companies but also parents involved in transporting competitors to events.
Last week, 2nd Larbert (Old Church) moved into the second round of the national badminton event, seeing off a team from 22nd Dundee. First round ties are also imminent for Football 5’s, table tennis, Masterteam quiz and various others. How they will fare and who goes forward will soon be known but in various events Falkirk and District has a proud history which I have no doubt will be upheld.

Between November 21-26, the BB will be joining with other organisations in taking part in the ‘‘I Will Campaign’’ to raise awareness of youth social activity within communities exactly as happens within the work of the BB Queen’s Badge where boys work within company and church as well as the wider community to help others. Further ideas can be gleaned from the #iwillweek2016 site where local involvement can be shared.

BB Scotland is organising a camp on the Isle of Cumbrae for Company Section age boys from companies which often don’t have traditional camps. It’s from May 26-29, 2017, and it promises to be a memorable weekend. Information from BB HQ at Carronvale.

Do your leaders struggle over suitable material for the Bible Class? Not only are such programmes available from our local Christian faith convenor Daniel Green but also nationally where the new ‘‘Spill the Beans’’ programme is now available. A ‘‘joined up’’ approach to Christian faith for our members cannot be stressed too strongly. It has been and will continue to be one of the pillars of our organisation as indicated in our Object as we try to advance Christ’s Kingdom and lead boys into true Christian manliness.