My starring role in the Commonwealth Games

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

A programme which aired last week about the 1986 Commonwealth Games brought back plenty of memories for me.

That year’s event was held in Edinburgh and those of us who were around at the time may remember that it was afflicted by financial problems and a boycott by numerous nations.

Media tycoon Robert Maxwell was hailed as the saviour of the Games (until it was discovered he hadn’t really done much other than provide some good soundbites) while more than 30 countries stayed away in protest at Britain refusing to sever sporting links with South Africa.

For the organisers, it was something of a nightmare, but for me, then a young journalism student working in the press office in the athlete’s village, it simply added to the excitement.

As country after country announced they were pulling out, we suddenly became the centre of attention, fielding enquiries from all over the world.

When the action actually got under way, the demands on our time lessened and I was eventually dispatched to a role at the stadium, where I managed to catch a glimpse of Liz Lynch winning gold for Scotland.

Happy days for Liz and me ...