My square eye addiction

In my view
In my view

I don’t normally watch a lot of telly – by the time work, baby and dinner is done and with the knowledge there is zero chance of getting a full night’s sleep, I’m normally tucked up by prime time.

I’ve never been interested in soaps, reality programmes or Simon Cowell-esue talent shows and would always cotton on to the next big drama a few weeks too late.

By the time I’d heard about ‘The Sopranos’ it was a year into the run and trying to watch ‘Lost’ from halfway through series one left me, well, lost.

But, thanks to online streaming, I can now bring the prime time forward and I’ve become a telly addict.

‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Nashville’ are taking up my time leaving the housework feeling neglected.

I feel myself weighing up how badly the kitchen floor needs mopped versus how much I want to find out what happens in Westeros and Kings Landing.

Should I prepare tomorrow’s packed lunches or watch the next poorly-executed drug deal between Walt and Jesse?

So my house is a riot, but I’m now nearly up to date and can take part in the water cooler TV chats in the office.

Maybe my guiltiest TV pleasure is E4’s ‘My Mad Fat Diary’, based on the journal of Rae Earl – an overweight teenager with mental health issues growing up in Northern England in the 1990s.

I’m not the intended demographic for the teen drama but the show is doing incredibly well with 20 and 30 somethings who remember the fashions and music first time round.

Dealing with mental illness in a sensitive manner it’s my top telly tip – just don’t expect to get anything done until you’re up to date.