My Sporting Week: Man Utd need Scary Spice’s help - they’re frightening

Manchester United are missing an X-factor
Manchester United are missing an X-factor

It’s the neccessary evil (or guilty pleasure) of a Saturday evening in Casa del D.O.. The prelude to Match of the Day.

While I’m battering out football results or pars of judgement in match reports, Simon Cowell et al are judging their acts.

Pic Michael Gillen 09/06/10. David Oliver.

Pic Michael Gillen 09/06/10. David Oliver.

Often, it makes Match of the Day seem much further away than it is, but all the more wothwhile when the waiting and wailing is over.

Football needs the X-factor though, and not just the programme to fill the schedule time between arriving home from the match and Gary Lineker smirking on the box.

In fact sport in general needs ‘the X-Factor’.

Manchester United have lost theirs. Watching the players emerge from the tunnel on Sunday wasn’t the awe-inspiring sight of names and statuesque sportsmen it once was.

They need more folk with the X-factor. Same with basketball.

On Saturday morning at Langside College I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing from Fury’s procession to the win, and considered it was maybe just the manner in which they were so clinically defeating Glasgow Rocks SNL team.

But they didn’t have that X-Factor, that Simon, Cheryl and Louis are looking for. They didn’t have Stu MacKay’s clowning around, jocular play, laughing smile. It was just an efficient show of basketball, even when the youngsters came on – taking their chance, and seriously. But they had that talent, Manchester United don’t even appear to have that to fall back on at the moment.

Steven Pressley was always one for talking about the “right blend” and Manchester United don’t have it, yet. Going forward they’ve got talent in abundance. At back they are calamitous.

Fury have a mix of youth and experience, passion from the continental players and... no charismatic crowd pleaser... yet.

There’s plenty of time for someone to step to the fore, though... and from last season’s end of season awards video, Bryan Munnoch, Jonny Bunyan and Ali Fraser might just be the men.

I wonder what they can conjure up for this Sunday’s awards night?