My love of coffee is going strong

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

I don’t have too many vices, but one thing I am very partial to, is a proper, strong Italian coffee.

I fell in love with the continental way of making coffee on my honeymoon in Venice way back when I still thought my ex-husband was the bees knees and my hair was natural brunette.

I’d only had the instant stuff before then so was blown away by the fresh beans, the flair of the barista making the drink and the delicious biscotti served on the side.

I returned home and bought ground beans and a cafetier to try to recreate at home.

Of course, mine ended up tasting like gritty pond water, but it made me even more appreciative of the proper stuff and I would seek out Italian cafes with proper coffee everywhere I went.

At the time there were few places in Falkirk you could enjoy a good cafe au lait, but over the years more and more coffee houses have sprung up.

Now, I enjoy a morning coffee on the commute thanks to the coffee van at Falkirk High Station and I get another caffine hit from a lovely boutique shop outside my work. In the office I make do with the freeze-dried instant stuff but at the weekend I like to take my time finding the perfect cup.

Yes reader, it is a full blown addiction I’m dealing with.

Today Falkirk has more coffee places than you can shake a biscotti at and I love choosing one to spend my Saturday morning with my newspaper, java and something to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Current town centre favourites are Tea Jennys, Baristas, Seventy Six and Coffee on Wooer.

All do a mean cup of joe and a decent caramel slice or victoria sponge.

We are lucky to have such an abundance of independent coffee houses in Falkirk, something I hadn’t appreciated before.

A friend was visiting for the day from West Lothian and we ended up going to three cafes in one day. She was blown away at how many there are as in her home town there are only the big name businesses that lack the personal touch – and home baking element.

I regularly consider giving up my coffee addiction, for both my waistline and purse, but I’ve decided to just embrace it.

After all, if it’s boosting the local economy, it’s worth my trousers feeling just a tad too tight.