My heart belongs to Glasgow not Edinburgh

There is something about Glasgow I have always loved.

I’m not sure if it is the busy streets, the endless amount of shopping centres or the generally friendly people, but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the place.

I’ve grown up in a rural area where cows and sheep wonder into back gardens and our local park. I am definitely not a country girl, though. Big cities are the place for me.

Specifically Glasgow.

Other cities have never really appealed to me. Glasgow or Edinburgh? Even from the age of seven, I have been able to identify Glasgow is most definitely the place for me.

Both cities are loaded with boutique shops, bags of culture and thousands of students my age who want to have a good time, but Edinburgh has just never had the buzz of a busy city for me, although it is a beautiful place.

I’m sure my opinion will change once I’m 18 and have the ability to experience Edinburgh in its entirety, but at the moment, I just don’t connect with the place at all.

Glasgow, on the other hand, I find is just completely alive. No matter where I am, whether it be right in the middle of the city centre, the West End or way out in the outskirts, I like I am home.

When I found out Glasgow Caledonian University is located in the city centre, I was desperate to move to halls as quickly as possible, simply because of where it is.

Although this year I’ll be staying at home, my intention is to most definitely end up in Glasgow, working or living there for good.

Glasgow and Newcastle are similar and I’m in The Toon often enough to get a real feel for the place, but nothing compares to Glasgow.

It’s my home away from home.