My boys are growing up

Jennifer Marjoribanks
Jennifer Marjoribanks
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Time really does fly doesn’t it? It just seems like a moment ago that I was pregnant, and yet, somehow, last week my baby boy turned one.

Fraser is an absolute joy and spends his time charming everyone he sees.

Alexander too is growing up – he seems to have lost his toddler look and all of a sudden he’s a big boy. Apparently he’s a hit with the ladies too – according to the other children at nursery, Alexander has a girlfriend (we will call her M) who he talks about all the time. He’s quite fickle though. I asked him who his best friend at nursery was and he named a different girl. I said: “What about M?” He replied: “Oh she wasn’t there today!” Playing the field at the age of three.

This time next year we will be buying him school clothes, but this year it was a football kit.

Yes, our boy is now officially a Bairn with his very own strip. We went along to support Brian at The Falkirk Stadium when he was playing in a team from the Football Writers Association against backroom staff from Falkirk FC.

However, Alexander got a bit too into the supporting thing, and when Falkirk manager Gary Holt shouted “Come on ref!” in a bid to get the game started, he duly copied much to everyone’s amusement.

A late night at the stadium, however, meant that he was really tired on Saturday – and this is the one thing that reminds me Alexander is still just little. He has an inability to stay awake for a whole day. We have a selection of photos of him asleep in ridiculous places – on the arm of the couch, standing up, on the bottom stair. And on Saturday he added a new one to his list – falling asleep while actually eating his dinner in the Beefeater.