Musicians give Food for thought

Stuart McHugh
Stuart McHugh

Musicians come in many shapes and sizes, yet there is a definite pop star stereotype – pallid and undernourished to the point of emaciation.

No-one’s quite sure if this comes from years of suffering for their art or just doing an awful lot of ‘slimming pills’.

It takes an awful lot of talent to get over a nation’s obsession with looks and even then there’s a suspicion that more generously upholstered stars are there due to some sort of novelty factor.

Of course, the first real rock star was, as befits a matinee idol, a lean snake-hipped sex machine. Sadly, Elvis then piled on the pounds and left the building pretty much the same way.

On National Sandwich Day, the King’s celebrated snack – a loaf stuffed with a pound of bacon plus peanut butter and banana – is still iconic.

By way of culinary contrast, in the UK it’s National Vegan Month. Although you’d imagine that your average pallid popster is a typical example, the
profile of a vegan musician is varied.

Sure, Coldplay are avowed veggies, but those also eschewing animal products include Kraftwerk, Mick Jagger and Rob Zombie.

In fact, it’s those in the latter’s musical genre that are the most radical meat-dodgers, so whether they’re likely to share a tour bus with bands like Cattle Decapitation is another matter.