Musicians behaving badly

Stuart McHugh
Stuart McHugh

If you’re gonna clap, at least clap on the beat. One of my all-time favourite Justin Beiber lyrics.

Ok, not strictly speaking from one of his songs, but the onstage demand struck a chord with me.

Bieber’s big enough for fans to forgive his every misdemeanour, but how often must musicians want to tell their audience “no” – whether it’s fighting, slam-dancing or chucking pint tumblers of wee at the objects of their affection.

Sadly, gig etiquette is something that the average pop fan doesn’t always seem to get.

There’s nothing worse for ‘proper’ music fans than someone else ruining your night by tuneless singing, bad dancing or sweaty pits.

Call me a music snob, but I find your real music enthusiasts are better behaved.

So here’s my manifesto: ban booze at gigs – if you need alcohol to enjoy a show, chances are it’s rubbish.

This doesn’t apply to the performers as some are more entertaining when hammered.

It’s actually veterans of tiny indie venues that tend to be the best behaved – punk legend TV Smith recently attracted mainly old fans who were appreciative, applauding in the right places, rather than pogoing as in their heyday.

Anyway, that’s my plea. Try to remember music is a serious business and you’re not there to enjoy yourself. And that goes for you Beliebers too.