Most important year at uni but I’m looking forward to it

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It’s not often that I admit I’m looking forward to going back to university – this time last year I was dreading going back!

I dragged it out and made the most of the last weeks of my holiday before diving back into the deep end.

The coming year is the most important of my time at Caley, with third year exams kicking off after the Christmas break.

I’m already looking forward to our next holiday but I can’t wait to get back to Glasgow life either – not just to see my class mates but also to be involved in an equally excellent degree course.

I’ve recently become very grateful for my spot on the course. Cast your mind back to Sophie circa 2015 and you’ll remember how stressed I was about getting the chance to study multimedia journalism at Caledonian University.

Now, two years on, I can finally understand exactly why I was so stressed.

I’m on quite an incredible course which has given me the opportunity to work as a journalist five days a week, before I’ve even started third year.

Somehow, something’s telling me if I wasn’t on the Caley course, that opportunity might’ve been a lot trickier to come by.

And we’re absolutely blessed to have some of the most engaging journalism lecturers in the country.

It wasn’t until I was having a conversation with a couple of journos from other unis that I realised how brilliant our teachers are.

To have a group of teachers who are interested in what we’re doing, are willing to help us and actively supporting us to find success is something which appears to be pretty rare.

It’s safe to say I sat quietly smug during that chat.

So although I’ve enjoyed the ridiculously lengthy break, I’m looking forward to student life again.