Morning after climb before

Scott McAngus
Scott McAngus

I wish I had been a Boy Scout when I was young and learned the value of the motto “Be Prepared” following a gruelling camping adventure that almost did me a mischief.

My friend and I always go an annual trip and chose The Devil’s Point in the Cairngorms this year, an experience we’ll never forget. The 32904ft Munro is literally in the middle of nowhere, but the surrounding scenery is breathtaking and well worth the effort of walking the several miles it takes just to get there.

We had planned well, or so we thought, and loaded up our massive backpacks with stuff we thought we’d need for one night in the great outdoors.

To make our experience all the more authentic we stayed in the Corrour Bothy at the foot of the mountain, a shelter we shared with four other tired adventurers – one called Paul Ferris (not the Glasgow one), a German, an Aberdonian and a musician from Edinburgh.

It’s hit or miss on who will be in these bothys when you get there. One of my friends got landed with a drunk, abusive soldier who had amputated limbs.

Our crowd got on famously though, sharing a few whiskies and humorous stories after cooking our dinners on a lovely sunny evening.

The next day was the problem though. Tired from our hill climb and trek the day before, due to the weight of our backpacks, we struggled badly to get back to our car at the Lin of Dee car park.

We literally had to stop every half hour for a rest and ended up hours late home causing panic among our loved ones as we didn’t have a mobile signal to contact them.

Next time we won’t take stuff that would last a week rather than one night.

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