Mopping up after a few days away

Colin Hume.
Colin Hume.

It’s not often I have a break over Easter so it was nice to get away at the tail end of next week.

I arrived home on Sunday night feeling relaxed and refreshed despite a long drive ... only to be met with a pool of water in the hallway.

Never a good sign at the at the best of times, it was made all the worse when I glanced up to see more water running down the walls. A quick check soon uncovered the source of the problem ... a leaky radiator valve upstairs.

And not only were the walls downstairs soaked through but the carpet on the landing was a sodden mess.

Having stopped the leak, the clean-up operation began.

First the carpet was rolled up and unceremoniously dumped out the bathroom window, then the walls were wiped and floors mopped.

Just before heading to bed at the wrong side of midnight, I noticed a suspicious bulge in the ceiling.

I prodded it with a screwdriver ... and then waited half and hour for the avalanche of water that followed to become a drip that I was confident my bucket could cope with overnight.

Holiday? What holiday?