Money, money

A few weeks ago, something wonderful happened – I found a fiver!

It was in my jeans pocket and the little blue trooper had happily survived the fast spin in the washing machine.

Hours later I got a phone call from a company I had been overpaying since the beginning of the year.

They apologised profusely and said they would credit £30.24 to my account in the next seven days.

Then, I was overcharged £1.50 for a product in a supermarket - a bottle of red wine in Tesco actually - and they gave me double the difference for the “inconvenience”.

I swear, I felt properly rich, like I had money coming out my ears.

Finding money in the washing machine has happened to me before, perhaps two or three times in my life.

It’s a once-in-a-blue moon treat, and, as with once-in-blue-moon treats, the magic never dies.

That was why, for the first time really, I could relate to the Norwegian millionaire in the news last week who claimed a lost boat he had apparently forgotten about.

The vessel, worth over $100,000, had been adrift for two years, and this man, who clearly does have money coming out of his ears (or a memory disorder), reclaimed it 
after forgetting about it in 2012.

The police official involved in the case said that you have to be “very wealthy to forget about a boat”.

Well, I would say that, for ordinary folk in this world, acquiring £38 in a matter of hours equates to a minor miracle.

So I can still relate to this wealthy man,

Both our finds did involve water at least.