Missing without a trace: how we help

Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong
Chief Inspector Damian Armstrong

As we renewed our appeal this week for anyone with information about a Falkirk resident who has been missing for some time, it highlighted the difficult task the police face on a daily basis with regards missing persons.

People can be reported missing for many reasons and it’s important to realise that a missing person is, on many occasions, not responsible for their decision to disappear.

There can be underlying health issues, both mental and/or physical, or a change in someone’s personal circumstances.

The individual’s level of risk, once assessed, can also intimate the type and level of resource that’s deployed.

Thankfully, Police Scotland offers national support such as search advisors and search teams who can be deployed to high risk incidents in a short period of time.

Falkirk officers work tirelessly to trace missing persons, using a combination of local knowledge, research and experience.

Relatives and friends can play a key part in providing relevant information and, on many occasions, it is this information which helps trace missing persons.

Officers treat every missing person report on its own merits and work on it until there’s an end to the search.