Missing the football in favour of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’

Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume
Falkirk Herald editor Colin Hume

Any hopes I had of forcing my way into Gary Holt’s squad for the new season were cruelly dashed this week.

Members of The Falkirk Herald were offered the chance to try out the new surface at Westfield ahead of the official curtain-raiser against Morton this weekend,

I was quick to put my name down and hoped that the artificial grass would suit my rather unique style.

However, these dreams were shattered when I starting hobbling around last Tuesday.

What I thought was not more than a muscle strain actually turned out to be a Baker’s cyst - look it up if you want, but basically it’s a swelling behind the knee.

And, I can assure you, it’s very painful, eventually necessitating a trip to A&E where an infection was also diagnosed, leading to a course of antibiotics which has floored me for the past week.

While fellow Herald hacks were strutting their stuff on the state-of-the-art pitch, I was laid out on the settee with an ice pack under my knee watching re-runs of ‘Homes Under the Hammer’.

Ditto Tuesday and Wednesday, and, while my football career is now undoubtedly behind me, I’m now considering a sideline in propery development!