Missing hour has seen me missing out again

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

Mothers will tell you there are not enough hours in the day.

It was ironic then that on Sunday – Mother’s Day – we had an hour chopped off our special time of the year as the clocks jumped forward.

Losing an hour was something I had to go through again early in the week.

To let you understand, I was home alone on Saturday night and was flicking through the channels looking for something interesting.

I came across ‘We Neeed to Talk About Kevin’.

I watched an hour, got slightly scared by some upsetting scenes and went to bed at midnight.

On Monday night, and feeling a bit braver, I began to regret turning it off.

I had a phone call from a friend and started to tell her, hoping she’d watched it.

“Oh, I’ve read the book,” she said. “It was really good.”

“Wonderful,” I said, “so what happened?”

“Can’t actually remember, but I just remember thinking it was really different.

“Aw, that’s a shame,” I said to her, “I missed the end and want to know what happened.”

“Two words, Kate,” she said. “Sky Plus.”

Apparently, there’s a thingy on my TV that records everything, just in case I ever want to watch it.

How convenient, I thought.

So I gave it a go and, hey presto, it taped it and it was all ready to watch.

Because of technical reasons I clearly don’t understand, the blasted thing only recorded 70 mins of a movie that was 104 minutes long.

I can’t tell you how frustrated it was.

The next night, feeling completely fleeced, I took part in a live chat with a Sky adviser to sort the fault.

He did help, we re-set a few things and then I tried to record it again.

Made a cup of tea, sat down - again just 70 mins recorded!

Not to be beaten by a box, I do intend to try again, but, as I write, I still have no idea how it ends or how to fix this annoying problem.

But in the meantime, two words - read book.