Millionaire singer let his fans down

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Was I the only one to snigger on hearing complaints that some audience members had to leave before Justin Bieber came on stage at London’s O2 Arena this week ... so they could get up for school next day!

However, reading further on in the reports, it seems the teen pop idol had turned up two hours late, only beginning his set at 10.20 p.m. and some of those who left to catch trains had paid £400 for three tickets for a show where they didn’t see the star attraction.

Understandably they weren’t amused by this late appearance of the Canadian crooner, nor I’ll bet were the hundreds of mums and dads waiting not too patiently outside to pick up their Bieber-besotted offspring.

And when you hear this wasn’t Mr Bieber’s first late-show, then you realise that the 19-year-old may be a multi-millionaire who has sold over 15 million albums, but he still has a lot to learn about being a star.

I’m sure we won’t have the same problem when Ronan Keating performs in Falkirk this June. Now a solo star, the former Boyzone member is the latest act to be unveiled for the Rock the Stadium weekend festival. And can I just say that the organisers have certainly left the best till last!

I know all the rockers are looking forward to Status Quo, while I’m sure there are those (somewhere) eagerly anticipating the stars from the 80’s, but the excitement that has greeted the announcement Mr Keating is coming to town has beaten all that.

And I’m glossing over the fact that when the news broke in our office, two members of staff immediately said “my mum will go to that”.

Ronan is a great coup for Rock the Stadium. Roll on June 21 - and is it too much to ask for the sun to shine?

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