Memorable start to school holiday

It was a different start to the October school holiday for the boys of 2nd Larbert Company (Old Church). Friday, October 11, saw the Anchor Section enjoy an event run by ‘Enjoy-a-Ball’ in the church hall.

The Junior and Company Sections had a joint meeting with 20 boys and eight adults going from the Tryst Community Centre to Ochilview Park to see Stenhousemuir FC play Watford FC in the Tunnock’s Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup. Those less interested in football remained at the community centre for games, including pool, darts, a ‘form of basketball’ and board games. One young man even got stuck into making a model ship. A supper of pizza, chicken nuggets and cocktail sausages was followed by ‘the tuck shop’ so everyone went home satisfied. Thanks to Stenhousemuir FC for allowing the BB party along to the game; a memorable start to the holiday.

Anchorman from time to time has the opportunity of speaking to groups about the BB. Two such pleasant outings occurred recently. On October 10 he visited the Church of Scotland Guild at the community hall at Cameron village about three miles south of St Andrews. There he spoke of and illustrated the current BB/Guild partnership which as well as promoting the work of the BB is proving a success in that funding being raised is making possible initiatives to assist companies and provide Christian education material. The local minister also attended who interestingly has the name of the Rev. Graeme Beebee. The second outing, on October 21, was to the men’s club at Abbotsgrange Church, home of 1st Grangemouth, where he thought it might be a night of teaching ‘his granny to suck eggs’ but not at all. The background was appreciated by those present, not least eight former Scouts who had no idea that their founder Baden Powell was a BB officer and that movement started as a division of the BB.