Meeting family is great feeling

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It’s always nice seeing family you haven’t seen for a while, and meeting relatives you’ve never met before.

For the past two weeks, my mum’s cousins from Canada have been over for a visit, and the whole experience of knowing that they’re here has been lovely.

We were constantly reminded of their visit in the run up to it, thanks to my gran, who seems to be a little obsessed about Canada and travels over there with my grandpa whenever she gets the chance.

Everything had to be immaculate for gran’s niece and her husband - Yogie and Chris - coming to stay.

It even got down to which plates and cutlery she used while they were here (safe to say square plates and shiny forks are the way forward).

I had met Yogie years ago at my Auntie Michaela’s house, but I was only little so I didn’t remember much about her, just that she was a bit mental and had invited me over to Canada to go skiing when I got older.

Not much has changed, if I’m honest, she’s still crackers and I still can’t ski.

This was the first time I had met Chris, however, who turned out to be one of the most genuinely lovely people I’ve ever met. I can now say my column has made it back to Canada, and, who knows, there might be a little fan base keeping an eye on my writings from halfway across the world.

It was really nice to see the whole family together again. It was brilliant hearing all the stories from my gran and Yogie about their lives, and stories about family members I never knew existed. It’s good knowing I’m part of such a wide network of people, all of them with such interesting stories.

I was quite gutted that I never got to spend more time with them while they were here. It’s a shame that they had to leave after two weeks but, of course, they’re normal people with normal jobs, and that couldn’t be out on hold, even for family. I’m looking forward to seeing them again already, whenever that may be, but I can assure you, if it’s Canada that I’m headed, I most certainly will not be skiing.