Marvelling at the talent... but preferably inside

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

It’s my favourite television week of the year the week, the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ semi finals!

‘X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’ are getting a bit samey, but with BGT, you’re guaranteed a laugh at Ant and Dec’s antics if nothing else!

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Way back in January my friend Elaine and I actually went along to the auditions in Glasgow - not as contestants though before you start worrying!

Along with Elaine’s daughter Kirsty and my Emma, we headed off to the Clyde auditorium.

We were all so excited, practising our surprised faces for the cameras just in case there should be another Susan Boyle appearing on stage.

In reality, it was nowhere near so glamorous! We were kept outside for two hours, cold and miserable, in the freezing rain before being told the start time had been delayed due to the late arrival of a certain Mr Cowell!

Once the show started, it was fun but we didn’t spot any future winners, just a crazy woman with a non dancing dog, and a policeman who liked to dress up as a woman! And disappointingly we were in a terrible position for the camera so no chance of being caught on screen!

After that experience I am much happier watching it from the comfort of my sofa. I love all the little children giving the adults a run for their money!

I’ve never been a pushy parent with either of my two but when we were away for a couple of days in the caravan a few months back with Emma and Jack I could feel a competitive side rising.

There was a children’s disco and a prize was to be handed out to the best dancer at the end. Jack was showing off all his best moves, and I was sure he’d be guaranteed the top honours ... until he spotted the candy floss machine. It was too much of a draw and the dancing went out the window! There was definitely a talent there though ... perhaps he’ll be heading along to the auditions as a contestant in the future.

However, I think I’ll just be waiting till he’s on TV to watch him rather than brave the cold again!