Mandie Stevenson: Important to fulfil all our dreams

I'd like to start this month's column by thanking Stacey Leigh Spalding and Janice Archer for inviting my mum and I to Archerfield Spa. It was such a lovely experience for us to share together.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 3:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:17 pm
Mandie and Frank
Mandie and Frank

Relaxing time at the spa, nice food and good chat is exactly what we needed. Thanks to Archerfield for the complimentary massage. Who doesn’t enjoy a day of pamper?

I am writing this column today sitting in Dubrovnik which is in Croatia, a place I have never previously ventured. Geography has never been my strongest point so it is nice to learn a bit more about new countries and enjoy their culture. I set sail on my very first cruise on Sunday with my parents and we are visiting different places in Greece and Croatia.

Dubrovnik reminds me of Italy, which is my favourite place, it is a quirky little town and a must see on the holiday destination list. I am loving the feeling of being so chilled, enjoying the all inclusive food and drinks package and embracing being able to see so many amazing places over the week.

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Mandie Stevenson in Dubrovnik

I am a sun worshiper, which ultimately puts me in a happy mood. It makes going to work everyday to save up for nice holidays worth it.

I hope you are all feeling my holiday vibe and that I bring some of this sunshine home with me for you all.

Must admit I have been missing my Frank but he is on his own holiday to Banknock with my gran and grandpa for the week. No doubt he will be causing havoc and enjoying himself as much as I am. It did take me longer to pack his case than my own!

From my very first column which was six months ago and what feels like an eternity away, I was given a few months of freedom to enjoy and live my life which has been fantastic but very quick.

Mandie Stevenson in Dubrovnik

It is that time again and I had a CT scan last week which checks my body for any return of the dreaded cancer.

I am feeling positive and hopeful that again I get the all clear and my body is remaining stable. I certainly feel well. I just never know what is going on inside my body.

There certainly will be lots of celebrating if I get good news. It reinforces for me that just now I am living the high life on holiday with my parents with not a care in the world but I need to be mindful that next week there is the potential for more treatment and difficult news.

Life is full of ups and downs, we need to take the good with the bad but most importantly fulfil our dreams as much as we can. I know I am.

You will all find out in my next column the outcome of my scan results and what these determine for me. If I was a betting woman I think they will be positive.