Making a statement is proving to be difficult

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I completely underestimated 
how difficult it 
would be to write a personal state-

I usually have no issues writing about myself or expressing stuff in a reasonably stylish way – but this time I really am struggling, even though all the information is in my head.

I never knew it would be so challenging to write 47 lines of utter positivity about yourself. But it 

People always spoke about the dreaded statement, but it never really bothered me.

I never quite understood just how important it was: I thought it was only my grades that would secure me a place at uni, but, after more research, I found out the statement is as important, if not more, than these.

This is what’s worrying me: Glasgow Caledonian University has one of the only industry-accredited journalism courses in the country, basically meaning that if I want as successful 
as a career that I have planned for myself, then I need to get a place here.

The course offers just over 20 places.

Typically, there are more than 200 applicants a year for this course, and I only just have the entry requirements.

My personal statement has to be out of this world if I stand any chance of being accepted.

School’s been great, though.

I think they’ve realised that if I don’t get a place on this course then my life 
will practically be over, so for me, and everyone 
else applying to university, they are bending over backwards to make sure that the personal statements are as good as they can be.

However, it’s just absolutely terrifying that 
we have to have them perfected by mid-December.

It’s strange to think 
that my future could literally boil down to 
how well I can portray myself on that sheet of paper.

It’s like a journalistic 
task itself - fight to be at 
the top, write the best story, and hope to God you get noticed.