Make-up-free selfies left me feeling made up

Kate Livingstone
Kate Livingstone

As I may have mentioned once, or twenty times, I am a Facebook user. Despite having a brief falling out earlier this year, I’m back on the site because the draw was just too great.

I was missing out on lots of gossip and pictures so I re-activated my account and no longer allow my grandchildren to play with my phone - after the horrific accidental selfie upload.

And this week I have been happy to see all the make-up-free selfies – or self portraits – in aid of Cancer Research.

I think everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another, whether you have fought it yourself or had a loved one battle the disease.

It’s a cause that is close to everyone’s heart, so this social networking phenomenon has tickled me pink.

The craze started last week and seemed to gain momentum faster than you can say ‘pass me my face wipes’.

Nearly every woman in my friends list has uploaded a selfie ‘au naturel’ and donated money to Cancer Research UK.

The charity has raised over £8 million in just a few days thanks to the campaign – which they had nothing to do with.

They have no idea who came up with the idea, but obviously it’s got people taking and they must be delighted with the response.

Some brave women have even shown their mastectomy scars or hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

It’s incredibly touching, and wonderful to see how beautiful most look without their war paint, but that didn’t stop me from turning down my nomination.

One of my friends uploaded her make up free selfie and nominated me to do the same but there is no way the internet is ready for this mug in its natural state.

I don’t wear a lot of slap, but I confess I rarely venture out the house without at least a lick of mascara and tinted moisturiser.

I just made a donation to Cancer Research and sat out on the selfie.

Although maybe I should have uploaded a picture – then forced people to donate before I would take it down!