Make sure your voice is heard

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Well folks, this is it.

Today is the day.

After how many years, and countless months of debating and campaigning, the day has finally arrived.

Hello, Referendum.

It seems a bit surreal that September 18, 2014, is actually here.

It feels like the entire nation has been waiting for centuries to go to the polls, and now that the day has arrived, it just feels a bit, well, odd.

Considering the amount of publicity it has received, it hasn’t really sunk in just how much one cross in a box can make a difference.

Because that one cross in a box can swing the result of the vote.

That one cross in a box can change lives, forever.

That one cross in a box may, potentially, in the future ruin a country and it might be the case where one person has the control over that.

Look at the polls.

Every single day in the lead up, the predicted percentages have become closer and closer, and now it seems like it is anyone’s game.

It’s completely unpredictable.

Absolutely no-one is certain as to what the outcome is going to be.

But there is one thing that I am definitely certain of, however.

I’m sure that the aftermath of all this is not going to be at all pretty.

Because the polls are so tight, in reality, and when the result is announced, half the country is going to be left disappointed, and then what?

Will we sit back when riots happen?

Will we let the country go to ruin?

And was this Referendum really a good idea in the first place?

But who am I to judge what may happen to this country.

I’m not a politician, after all.

But if there were to be one thing I’d encourage you to do today, it would be that you use your vote.

You never know how much of a difference that one cross in a box could make.