Make sure you stock up on the ‘nice clothes’

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The transition from high school to university has been a relatively smooth one.

Getting used to being the littlest fish in a pond full of sharks once again has been slightly unusual.

However, the biggest change is the swift move from wearing a school uniform to your own clothes. Every day is a non-uniform day – the only difference being instead of paying a pound towards school funds, you pay thousands more in tuition fees.

I think it is becoming fairly safe to say that the excitement of dressing down every day of the week is quickly starting to wear off. At school, I planned a whole week in advance what I would wear to every school non-uniform day. It was absolutely crucial that you hit the right balance between smart and casual – dressing in your “nice clothes” was always a bonus, but there was always a risk of going too far. Jeans, a nice top and dolly shoes were always a hit, and you could even potentially pull off that gorgeous trench coat that only shows face for “special occasions”.

The minute you hit university, however, every day becomes a special occasion. However, at university, you can wear whatever you like and you are not judged. I see people walk around wearing all sorts – leggings and a hoodie is just as acceptable as three inch booties and a summer dress.

However, my supply of clothing is quickly fading, and old school habits are dying hard. My teenage girl morals are kicking in, and the paranoia of wearing the same clothes constantly is beginning to nip at me. Very soon another chunk of my wages will be blown on Boohoo on some band new threads.

So for those heading to uni in the next year or so: the lack of uniform is, undoubtedly, absolutely fabulous. But take this as a warning– make sure you stock up on the “nice clothes.” That special coat won’t last you forever.