Looking forward to going it alone on the road

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After months of practice, countless cheeky remarks, and several 
near-death experiences, it has finally happened – I have passed my driving 

Fasten your seat belts – quite literally – ladies and gentlemen, Wallace is on the road.


Painting the picture 
that I’m an awful driver 
isn’t doing myself any favours.

I actually drive reasonably well – only four minor marks on test speaks volumes.

According to my driving instructor, Iain (I recommend Henry Driver Training to everyone learning or looking to learn) I drove extremely well, and, if it wasn’t for the bus that I was stuck behind for the majority of the time, I would’ve probably driven even better.

I’m not going to lie, my heart sank when the examiner said: “I would like you to pull up alongside the car in front and perform a reverse park.”

I had my fingers and 
toes crossed for a turn 
on the road, but, nevertheless, that reverse park was the best I have 
ever done.

It’s quite unusual knowing that the next time I drive a car I’ll be on my own. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet just how large a responsibly it is to drive an actual moving vehicle. I am in charge of my own car – a little Ford Ka, called Kit – and I need to take proper control of it without someone sat in the passenger side telling me what to do.

However, it’s time to bite the bullet. I am officially growing up, and being able to drive is the first step.

Now, it’s just a matter of plucking up the courage to do so, on my own, for the first time.