Looking forward to another night to remember

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I WAS lucky enough to working at the local newspaper in Kirkcaldy when Raith Rovers defeated Celtic to win the Coca-Cola Cup in 1984.

The scenes in the town that night were remarkable.

The High Street was awash with people – many of whom had never been to a football match in their lives – celebrating the victory.

I’ll never forget walking home in the wee small hours with the choruses of ‘Paul McStay missed a penalty’ still reverberating around the streets.

It was a night I never thought I would see repeated, until Falkirk faced Rangers in the Scottish Cup final a few years ago.

Despite the narrow defeat, the atmosphere that night was incredible.

The players did themselves, the club and the town proud, and were cheered to the rafters as their open-top bus wound its way through the street.

It started me thinking what it might have been like if they’d won.

For many clubs such occasions happen once in a generation, but, remarkably, Falkirk are on the verge of the final once again.

Getting past Hibs on Saturday will be no easy task and even then it could be Celtic in the final ... but we can dream can’t we?

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